Pioneer Finance LLC Text Message Policy

By providing your cell phone number, you have provided us with consent to send you text messages in conjunction with the services you have requested. Your cellular provider's Message & Data Rates may apply to our confirmation message and all subsequent messages.

We will send you reminders to assist you with managing your account up to approximately once per week, although individual messages may be broken into multiple parts, depending on the length of the message. Additional messages may also be sent to the extent they are in response to inquiries received from you.

You understand the text messages we send may be seen by anyone with access to your phone. Accordingly, you should take steps to safeguard your phone and your text messages if you want them to remain private.

Please notify us immediately if you change mobile numbers or plan to provide your phone to another person.

If we modify this Text Message Policy, we will notify you by sending you a text message with a link to the new policy. We may terminate our text message program at any time.

If you have any questions about this policy, would like us to mail you a paper copy of this policy, or are having problems receiving or stopping our text messages, please contact us using the following information:

You agree and consent to be contacted by the company, known as Pioneer Finance LLC, by our agents and employees via SMS text messages to any cellular phone numbers, as well as any other phone number you have provided in conjunction with this account, including the use of automatic telephone dialing systems, or an artificial or prerecorded auto-dialers.

Opt-out or STOP

This policy applies to the text messages sent by Pioneer Finance LLC to our customers while and after a balance remains on the account. If you wish to stop receiving text messages from Pioneer Finance LLC, reply to any text message we have sent you and in your reply simply type STOP. Your stop request will become effective within one day. You may also stop text messages by calling us or emailing us using the following contact information:

Help or Support

If at any time you need our contact information or information on how to stop text messages, reply to any text message we have sent you and in the reply text simply type HELP. Upon receiving your text message, we will send you a text message with this information. In general, the messages we send provide you with information about your account. Some of the text message we send may include links to websites. To access these websites, you will need a web browser and Internet access.